Saturday, July 4, 2009

What I Love

As we celebrate our wonderful country's birthday, I feel inspired to list many of the people and things I love. No list like this can ever be complete, but I will do my best.

1. God
2. Mom
3. My dad (gone 5 years and I still love him just as much)
4. John
5. David
6. Henrik
7. Terry
8. Kenin
9. My faith
10. The United States of America
11. Freedom
12. Jenny and the boys
13. My cousin Theresa
14. My friends and relatives
15. LR
16. Northern Michigan in the fall
17. Snow falling
18. Country music
19. Mountains
20. Ice cream
21. The Internet
22. Baseball
23. Golf (although it is a love-hate relationship)
24. Football, especially U of M football--Go Blue!
25. Red Wings
26. Hearing the National Anthem sung
27. Fireworks
28. Beautiful women
29. Patriotic movies
30. Having good health
31. Volunteering
32. Sleeping in
33. Hiking
34. Overnight backpacking
35. Technology
36. Learning
37. Being a graduate of the AF Academy
38. Traveling, especially my parents taking us to Europe in 1984
39. Someone doing something they never thought they could
40. Good Shepherd Catholic Church and everyone there
41. Reading the Sunday paper
42. Sudoku
43. My mom's pumpkin pie
44. Babbling brooks
45. Marge and Elaine (can't believe I almost forgot them!)
46. My AF family
47. Linux
48. Trivia
49. Lists
50. myself (I think it is important to love yourself)

Thank you to all who read this and everyone who supports our troops. God Bless you and the US of A. Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. From numbers 4 and 6. We would like to say the feelings mutual and hope that you have a great fourth in Iraq. Too bad, it isn't in the USA. We will save the fireworks for your safe return!!

  2. Amen John!! Michael, it is a rich man who has so many people/things to love and appreciate in life. We are honored to be a small part of that!! You already know how much love, pride and respect we have for much so that we won't even give you any grief for number 24! ;)Jenny and the boys