Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I e-mailed this to a few people, but I figure my blog is a better way to get the word out about this wonderful program.


WHAT IS IT? Operation School Supplies is a KRAB Chapel sponsored humanitarian outreach project that puts bags of school supplies directly into the hands of local children and their teachers. It directly impacts the next generation of nation builders here in Iraq and shows them that we care about them and the importance of education so freedom can flourish.

WHAT IS THE NEED? In mid August, five (5) schools will be opening not too far from our gate. The Army, who takes the bags of school supplies out to the children, have requested one thousand (1000) bags of school supplies for the new schools (200 per school). We want to provide for all of these children, but unfortunately we do not have enough school supplies on hand to make that many school supplies bags.

HOW CAN I HELP? Attached is a flyer explaining the Operation School Supplies program, what items are needed, how people can donate supplies and how to mail them here to be part of this nation building program! Please send supplies soon so we can be ready for the five school openings in August! Be part of a program that directly impacts local children’s lives!

Thank you for your assistance! Without you there wouldn’t be an Operation School Supplies Program!

Fr. Mark P. Rowan, Ch, LtCol, USAF

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  1. Hi Michael! I love that you included this. I will try to get so stuff together and send it out this week!!

    Love and Blessings,