Saturday, June 6, 2009

VIP Visit

We had some very important visitors last weekend, NCAA football coaches. The head coaches for Ohio State (boo!), UCLA, Wake Forest, Texas, and Mississippi were here, but the only one that really matters is Coach Troy Calhoun from the Air Force Academy. The coaches visited the hospital and Security Forces Group before going to one of the rec centers for an autograph session. I went there and was able to speak with Coach Calhoun for a few minutes. He is a very humble person and just loves coaching the Academy cadets. He is a grad (Class of '89) and I'm glad he is our coach. He autographed an AFA t-shirt for me (no, that's not me in the picture with him). I'm glad I got to meet him. You can read an article by our Public Affairs pros about the visit here. This is another example of the many activities going on here.


  1. Sorry about that...Cameron just showed me his comment and he is highly amused with himself. He was a big Troy Smith fan a few years back but I think he just likes OSU now because it irritates us! Oh, life is fun when you are 13! - Jenny

  2. As the owner of the blog, I could delete Cameron's comment but I'll let it go. :) I think this is the year the Wolverines get the Buckeyes. Go Blue!